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Ha ha ….

Ha ha ….

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Oct 19

GoVoGo Free Voicemail -

Anyone need a voicemail box go here i have 2 already.

Only thing is, it is  a voicemail service ONLY, meaning only incoming calls no outgoing and they can only leave messages.

Signed up a year maybe 2 years ago, good for job apps, they can call you and leave a message and you can call back on whatever phone you want….check it out!! 

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Aug 11

Out of minutes? You can still use your phone….

I am a Boostmobile customer with a Blackberry 8530. I am on the unlimited monthly plan of (after on time payments) $50 a month.

So here’s my little bit of useful information that I one day found out after thinking I still had service but in fact didnt…….yet I kinda sorta still did.

I dont know if this also works for other carriers as far as them being able to do this but I do know that I was able to send and receive text/sms/mms messages to : Verizon/MetroPCS and Sprint customers.

Okay one day I didnt have the full amount in my account to replenish/top-up/refill my whole monthly amount so I ended up passing the deadline date and my service was “Interrupted” aka cut off for about 2 weeks…….oh nooooo!!!! 2 weeks without your phone is HORRIBLE!!!


I completely forgot about the “no service” thing and sent my fellow boostmobile customer friend a txt message


after about 5 min I get a reply from my friend. Now if boostmobile customers notice you can send email/sms messages to

Here’s how I was able to still send sms and receive sms messages while my service was interrupted, I asked my friend what address did she see for my sms and thats where the “no service but still txt” thing came from. (I’m a computer/technology freak so it wasnt hard to figure out)

If you are sending a sms to another boostmobile customer you send it to


Now if you want others to be able to sms you (verizon/sprint/metropcs) then they have to send the sms to that same address format

I know it works with verizon/sprint and metro because my family has those carriers so I sent them a txt to see if it worked and it did.

For verizon its (sms) (mms)            

For metropcs its

For Sprint its

So go ahead if you’re a boost customer or know another boost customer who’s service is temporarily down, give it a try or send them this post and hopefully its not just my luck maybe its just what it is!!!

Until next time……L8tr!!!

Apr 20

Need to find out a lil 411 on someone….

When you need to find a bit of info about a person or maybe a home address, of course there’s the basic lookup at…

Then we have my favorite…. when you use the trial 3 day membership you get full searches and full details with results.

Its my fav!!

Want to gain unlimited free all access searches all the time?

Just go to my Unlimited full access searches page or click here

Apr 15


Okay here are my favorite go to sites when i need to download that hot new mp3…

Of course who doesn’t know of beemp3??? if you dont visit them here

Then there’s Mp3raid, another good mp3 site

and last but not least i use Mp3skull

So there you have it folks my usual access to new music ……


Ever had to give your phone number when filling out a survey or registering on various sites????

Yes i know there’s google voice and skype and a ton of other forwarding services out there but those require some type of subscription, this however doesn’t.

all you do is enter your number or your google/skype number if you have one or prefer giving those out instead and it gives you a set expiration date of 7 days or 14 days.

you use it directly on the homepage or for iphone users there’s an app as well.

Just click the picture to visit the homepage.

File hosting …

For uploading files and hosting I use OpenDrive..

they have tons of features and give you a lot of storage space.

They offer both free and paid plans….check them out !!